UI / UX Engineer



General Qualifications

  • Truly passionate about good design.
  • Skilled at designing beautiful, easy to use graphic user interfaces that connect emotionally with the user – simplicity will be at the core of everything you do.
  • Unquestionable Fluent English (Spoken & Written). Excellent spoken and written Indonesian. Ability to translate English to Bahasa, and vice versa.


  • At least 1 years experience with design, preferably with a shipped website, web app, or mobile application. We want to hear about your experience(s), your approach, your results, and how you process and make product decisions.
  • Highly dependable. Previous experience successfully delivering big projects and deliverables on time, and budget. You must do whatever it takes to meet project deadlines and/or clients deliverables.
  • Great communication skills, positive attitude, and team player, can work and excel in a fast paced and demanding work environment.
  • Prioritize appropriately: Use good judgement to make appropriate tradeoffs to speed up product learning and balance competing, and often changing, priorities.


  • Redesign, rethink and develop products, from idea to launch. Iterate quickly to get to a design that works (as evidenced by data). Make people fall in love with the product.
  • Produce high-quality designs and prototypes with excellent attention to detail, quickly and effectively.
  • Solve product problems with a focus on the best user experience while balancing company goals, design cohesion, and ease of implementation.


  • Competence and understanding of design and development processes.
  • Solid understanding of the fundamentals in both visual and interactive design.
  • Passion for being involved in the big picture, while fearlessly diving into the details.
  • No ego when it comes to product or design; the focus is always on getting quickly to the right answer and doing what is right for the customer, product, and the company.
  • Interest and experience in startups is a plus, you should be comfortable working in a close-knit team and fast-paced environment.